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Leadership Through Understanding Human Behavior

Federal Law Enforcement Training Center
Leadership Through Understanding Human Behavior
(A 3-day course for successful leadership)

Sponsored by:

Hispanic American Police Command Officers Association National Latino Peace Officers Association
Trinity University Police Department

Training Dates:

March 12Th, 13th, and 14th, 2013 0800hrs.-1700hrs.


Trinity University One Trinity Place San Antonio, TX 78212

Lunch provided on March 12th, and 13th

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Limited Seating Available

Please go to http://web.trinity.edu/x9208.xml to register for this no- cost training opportunity. You will be contacted prior to course to confirm your attendance. Any questions please call Sergeant Clint Ratliff at 210-999-8538.

Leadership Through Understanding Human Behavior
(A 3-day course for successful leadership)

No matter how small or big the agency or, how small or big the assignment, all who exercise authority over people should have a burning desire to rise above the mere idea that they manage and supervise and choose to lead. For a few, leadership comes naturally. For many, leadership is a learned skill that once learned and practiced, allows them to become as successful as or, more successful than those who come by it naturally. This is the belief and tenet that drives the Leadership Institute Branch (LIB) of the Leadership and International Capacity-Building Division at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center in Glynco, GA. To that end LIB has created a unique and cutting edge leadership course delivered in a seminar style setting titled Leadership Through Understanding Human Behavior.

This course relies on “skills” based training versus the traditional teacher-to-student lecture which is sorely lacking in take-away skills and practical post-training application. The basic skills of leadership are taught using the highly regarded DISC and Values training programs developed by Target Training International and Ken Blanchard’s Situational Leadership II training program: The core development courses in all of the LIB leadership curriculums. The primary content and theory of these three courses are the central themes in nearly all modern day leadership curriculums whether it is law enforcement or a Fortune 500 company. Key to this training is the development of the one element all successful leaders must possess: COMMUNICATION SKILLS. This requires communication on multiple levels first by understanding your own behavior style and then the behavior styles of the people you lead. Also included are generational differences in communication, what motivates people’s actions, decisions and conduct, and ultimately, how to use these skills to develop successful followers into successful leaders. Agencies that develop their people in these areas will benefit by having more productive working relationships, better outcomes, communications, less conflict, and enhanced personal satisfaction in their workgroups and teams. As workgroups/members start to develop an understanding of the strengths and benefits associated with behavioral styles and value systems, collectively they start to develop strategies to effectively accomplish goals. This information can be used to establish more effective workgroups and teams by capitalizing on the strengths each individual brings to the group.

Participants will take three assessments prior to the start of training which take only a short time to complete. These three instruments will reveal to the participant their primary value systems which is what motivates their thought processes; their primary and secondary behavior styles which is how their values manifest themselves through their behavior; and finally, their primary and secondary leadership styles which is how the first two combine to highly influence the way they deal and interact with the people they propose to lead. An appropriate saying that has been attributed to many great leaders in one form or another summarizes the ultimate aim of this course. “If there is a clear distinction between a person who manages people and a person who leads people, it is that managers get others to do and leaders get others to want to do.”

To ensure that the specific needs and concerns of law enforcement supervisors and managers are addressed, LIB's management and instructional staff are themselves former law enforcement leaders representative of a variety of law enforcement organizations. Combined, LIB's staff has over 200 years of service to law enforcement. LIB instructors have held positions as former Federal Senior Executive Service (SES), Superintendent of State Police, Command and Management officials, and Special Agents-in-Charge from organizations such as the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center, Federal Bureau of Investigation, Inspector-General community, National Security Agency, U.S. Customs, the United States Park Police and the U.S. Marshals Service. Additionally, instructors hold a variety of certifications from nationally and internationally renowned leadership training and development companies. Our staff is proud to represent all branches of the Armed Forces.