Letter from the President

As the 29th President of HAPCOA, I am humbled and honored to serve in this position.  During my acceptance speech at HAPCOA’s 44 Annual Symposium in Los Angeles, California I spoke about the founding members of HAPCOA and their tenacity in never giving up and speaking up when others around them shied from doing so.  Our National board is comprised of a diverse group of dedicated men and women, representing all levels of government, with a plethora of knowledge and experience.   Together, WE, will leverage our abilities and lend our voice and carry the torch that has been passed onto us in furtherance of HAPCOA’s Mission, Goal and Vision.  Moving forward, We, remain resolute and committed to continue proactive engagement, recruitment, build relationships and network in promoting and representing HAPCOA nationally and internationally.

The 2018 National Board has been busy with reviewing nominee applications for the Attorney General’s 2nd Annual Award for Distinguished Service in Policing; looking into a potential project that may yield scholarships for our youth and addressing social media outreach for HAPCOA.

As an association, WE, are challenged and sometimes hampered by so many other similar organizations in pursuit of increasing its membership numbers.  One way of measuring OUR success is when the membership as a whole does its part to spread the word about HAPCOA.  Therefore, I challenge each of you to utilize your contacts to market HAPCOA and endeavor to grow our membership numbers.  Other ways to measure success is through submissions of positive stories to be uploaded on our website and engagement with your local chapter. 

I want you to think about, what your legacy will be?  We ALL have an individual and shared responsibility to improve the opportunities for those law enforcement officers and administration of justice professionals who will replace us by being present in mentoring, coaching and networking. 

HAPCOA continues to have a very good relationship with the other affinity groups:  National Organization for Black Law Enforcement Executives (NOBLE) and Women in Federal Law Enforcement (WIFLE).  Additionally, HAPCOA has a longstanding relationship with other Hispanic Law Enforcement organizations, such as the National Latino Peace Officers Association (NLPOA), National Coalition of Latino Officers (NCLO), National Latino Law Enforcement Organization (NLLEO), the Hispanic National Law Enforcement Association (HNLEA) and the Association of Police Attaches of Latin America (APALA).

I plan to engage the membership by visiting OUR local chapters and continue to represent HAPCOA along with Executive Director Tony Chapa in National Capital Region events.

In closing, I would like to add that HAPCOA had a successful symposium.  That said, the next symposium will be held in Baltimore, Maryland and is tentatively scheduled for the period April 29th – May 2nd, 2019.  Please inform your leadership now so they can start budgeting for next year’s event.

Richard Rosa
Supervisory Federal Air Marshal (Retired)