Letter from the President

I would like to take this time to thank you again for selecting me as your National President.  It is my honor to lead this fine organization into 2016.  My main mission during this next year will be to ensure that HAPCOA and its members train and mentor the next generation of Hispanic Leaders as best as we can.  We will accomplish this not only through our annual training, but through proactive outreach by our current Executive Board and members to guide and mentor current and future Hispanic Leaders.  Communication will be the driving force behind this effort.  Communication not only with our current membership but to potential members as well.  Communication with law enforcement agencies - federal, state and local, to collaborate and offer assistance in providing Hispanic law enforcement personnel the tools they need to reach not only the command level but the highest level of their particular department.  And finally, Communication with other affinity organizations such as NOBLE, NAPOA and WIFLE along with our fellow Hispanic Law Enforcement organizations to seek their guidance and assistance in our noble cause to mentor the future Hispanic Commander.  If those organizations need assistance from us, we will stand shoulder to shoulder with them as I know they would for us. 

As we move into my tenure as your President, I just wanted to take some time to share some of my goals for my tenure. They are as follows:

Social Media Presence -  I want to increase our social media presence in all facets. I have asked various members of the Executive Board to take an ownership role in doing this.  My rationale for this is to enhance communication with our membership and others that may look to us for information and/or assistance.  The plan includes leveraging all mainstream social media sites and more importantly keeping them current.

Relevance - Our Executive Director, Mr. Tony Chapa, spearheaded our participation in many national initiatives in 2015.  Between Mr. Chapa and our past president Don Tijerina, we were invited to and participated in several significant White House and DOJ events concerning Hispanic issues related to Constitutional Policing, Community-Based Policing and Firearms Violence.  I have asked Mr. Chapa to again pursue these opportunities aggressively.  Between Mr. Chapa and I, I believe we can leverage our many years of networking to accomplish this. 

Membership - I have set a personal goal of increasing membership within HAPCOA by 15%.  I believe we can accomplish this with a good, old-fashioned technique called just "talking to people" by spending a few minutes with them and telling them about our fine organization.  That's where you as the members can assist HAPCOA National as well.  I will do my part and will personally keep you apprised of how many new members I bring in.  

I want to again thank you for your confidence in me and in one last piece of advice, make sure you tell your family members who support you every day you love them and care about them. 


John Torres
National President