Annual Symposium

One of HAPCOA's principal programs and services is its Annual Symposium and Exhibit Fair which brings together command level officers and others from across the country to discuss current and emerging topics in, and which affect, law enforcement and criminal justice.

During the Symposium, dozens of presentations, workshops, and training sessions lasting between one and one-and-a-half hours will be presented by representatives of federal, state and local agencies. In addition, the Exhibitor and Career Fair will allow participants to learn about new products and services available to the law enforcement community as well as career advancement opportunities within agencies across the country that are available to entry, mid and senior level law enforcement professionals. Several special events will also take place at the Symposium, including breakfasts; dinners, an Awards Luncheon and evening receptions.

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Mentorship Program

HAPCOA reaches out to Latinos in higher education pursuing Criminal Justice as their major. Identifying that mentorship is the key to success. HAPCOA leads the way in aggressively recruiting Latinos to join their ranks in the Criminal Justice Profession.

In support of HAPCOA’s Vision, Mission, Values, and Goals, we created an honorary membership for a student majoring in Criminal Justice at accredited Universities. This honorary member will have the opportunity to experience how a professional organization made up of primarily Hispanic police commanders operates. He or she will also experience the art of networking within the police environment and be exposed to the HAPCOA national training conference.

The selected student will attend HAPCOA’s National Training Conference sponsored by the National HAPCOA and one of the local chapters. We believe in order to make this initiative a true and valuable experience, attendance at the national conference is a must. The networking that occurs and the career expo would be a tremendous opportunity for them and for HAPCOA.

The identified police department that wishes to participate will invite the student to all in-house training to include firearms and tactical training, to leadership and professional development.

Candidate Requirements

This is a one-year term. All candidates, for this initiative, must meet the following criteria: a Criminal Justice major; currently possess a 3.0 GPA or greater; be in good standing academically and morally; be in good standing with local and federal law enforcement. The interested candidates will provide a one page document identifying why they would like to participate in the program and a letter of recommendation by a faculty member.

HAPCOA National has adopted this program nationally and has designated funding for several other students to participate. We are looking at other funding sources as well. If you are interested in participating in this program as a sponsoring agency please contact Detective Rolando Belmares, Texas State University Police Department at 512-245-2805. Mr. Belmares will provide all interested parties with more information on the initiative as requested.