The Hispanic American Police Command Officers Association (HAPCOA) sponsors the coveted “AGUILA” Awards Program. Aguila is the Spanish word for Eagle. The eagle is a universal symbol of vigilance, strength and courage. There are two types of Aguila Awards: The Aguila Statue Award and the Aguila Medallion Awards.

Those selected to receive the awards will be recognized and presented their awards during the Symposium in May 2025.



It is the highest form of recognition given by HAPCOA for exceptional contributions by an individual or an organization in support of HAPCOA’s mission and goals. Nominees exemplify the highest levels of concern for Public Safety and embody the principals of HAPCOA was founded to promote. This award can be awarded to a private individual, community organization, or a law enforcement/criminal justice agency.


There are three Medallion Award Categories:

  • Gold Medal of Valor Award: presented to an individual, who while on official duty, performed beyond the call, exemplifying courage and boldness.
  • Silver Medal for Meritorious Conduct: presented to an individual, who has performed meritorious work in law enforcement.
  • Bronze Medal for Community Service: presented to an individual who has contributed to the civic projects or programs that have resulted in the betterment of the community. These awards are presented annually to individuals, agencies, or departments nationwide in recognition for promoting a standard of excellence that exemplifies law enforcement’s contributions and dedication to the quality of life in local communities. This Awards Program helps law enforcement agencies nationwide and the communities they serve by redefining the concept of law enforcement and how it is routinely performed.

The program annually honors achievements in one or more of the following goals:

  • Continually improving services to the community;
  • Strengthening police relations and promoting community participations;
  • Effectively using resources;
  • Enhancing communications within and cooperation among agencies;
  • Developing creative and innovative approaches that promote excellence in law enforcement.


Awarded to a law enforcement professional who utilized a technological or communicative device or method resulting in the successful resolution of a crime or the saving of a life.


Nominee(s) must be sworn law enforcement officer from any federal, state, county, or local law enforcement agency within the United States. Nomination must be submitted by an active member of HAPCOA, who must provide all pertinent information on the nominee. Nomination must involve an incident occurring within the last year. Nomination submissions are currently being accepted through September 15, 2023, and should be submitted via the form below.

Lastly, a Nomination Letter of not more than 750 words should cover the rational/justification for the award(s) referenced above, and can be uploaded via the form below. The deadline for submission of nominations is September 15, 2023.

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