Privacy Policy

HAPCOA is committed to safeguarding privacy. HAPCOA, does not collect, disclose or sell any personally-identifiable information related to visiting HAPCOA's web site. Any data regarding web site visitors that may be collected is used only for internal statistical purposes, market research and for improving services.

If, as a visitor to the HAPCOA web site, you submit personal data such as your name, address, telephone number, email and other information, you are agreeing to allow HAPCOA access, storage and analysis of the data provided. Most of the information that you may be asked to provide must be collected in order for HAPCOA to provide you with the services and/or information you request. Your failure, or choice, not to provide any requested information deemed essential may limit the services that HAPCOA is able to provide. We continue to make every effort to ensure that any information you provide is secure and protected from unauthorized use.