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A Statement from the Hispanic American Police Command Officers Association

May 30, 2022

May 30, 2022, San Antonio, TX -- The Hispanic American Police Command Officers
Association (HAPCOA) issues the following statement of condolence on behalf of its
members nationwide, to the families and the community that suffered a horrific loss of life
at Robb Elementary School on Tuesday, May 24, 2022, in Uvalde, TX.

This latest school attack left our Latino community devastated personally, physically, and
spiritually. HAPCOA has made it our mission to protect our students who are our future.
We continue to pray for peace, comfort, and a divine healing for all who were impacted by
this evil act.

HAPCOA believes that now is the time for senior law enforcement commanders to take a
leadership role in order to prevent future tragedies like this from happening again. This
response will require Congressional action and compromise, community support and law
enforcement training, and the appointment of an ATF Director. HAPCOA cannot ignore this
call for action.


ABOUT HAPCOA: The Hispanic American Police Command Officers Association (HAPCOA) is a
non-profit membership organization established in 1973. It is the oldest and largest association in
the United States, comprised of Hispanic American command officers from law enforcement and
criminal justice agencies at the municipal, county, state, university, school, and federal levels.
For more information, membership and donations please visit:

Hispanic American Police Command Officers Association
PO Box 782226
San Antonio, TX 78278

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