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HAPCOA Executive Director Attends National Police Week Events

May 16, 2016

(Washington DC)  HAPCOA members were on hand to participate in a variety of National Police Week ’16 special events.

On Thursday, May 12th, HAPCOA Executive Director Anthony Chapa along with several hundred special guests attended the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund ‘Chairman’s Gala’ held at Ronald Reagan Building Atrium Ballroom.

On Friday, May 13th, Executive Director Chapa was invited to represent HAPCOA at a White House briefing on criminal justice reform, community policing, and working with immigrant and refugee communities.  Offering welcome remarks was Julie Rodriguez, Special Assistant to the President for Public Engagement.  Briefings were offered to invited law enforcement executives by Deputy Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, Department of Homeland Security; and Director Ron Davis, Office of Community Oriented Policing Services, Department of Justice. A panel discussion was moderated by Heather Fong, Assistant Secretary for State and Local Law Enforcement, Department of Homeland Security.  Closing remarks were provided by Neil Eggleston, Assistant to the President and Counsel to the President.

The 28th Annual Candlelight Vigil, sponsored by the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial, was attended by several thousand law enforcement officials, families and survivors from around the nation.  Due to active construction at the memorial museum site this year’s event was held on the National Mall near the US Capitol.  Special remarks were provided by the Honorable Jeh Johnson, Secretary DHS and the Honorable Loretta Lynch, Attorney General.  VIPS included senior members of the administration, Directors Federal Law Enforcement Agencies, State Law Enforcement Officials, County Sheriff’s and over 500 Chiefs of Police.

Photo:  Attending the Chairman’s Gala Catherine Sanz, Executive Director Women in Federal Law Enforcement; Andrew Peralta, National President National Latino Peace Officers Association (who is also a HAPCOA member) and Executive Director Chapa, HAPCOA.

Photo:  Executive Director Chapa presents Craig Floyd, President and Chief Executive Officer, National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund with the HAPCOA Lapel Pin at the Memorial site.

Photo:  Director Davis, COPS, DOJ; Deputy Sec Mayorkas, DHS; Special Assistant to the President Rodriguez; Assistant Sec Fong, DHS  and Deputy Assistant to the President Austin.

Photo:  Special Assistant to the President Julie Rodriguez and Executive Director Chapa

Picture:  Attending Annual Candlelight Vigil: CBP Commissioner Gil Kerlikowske, Executive Director Chapa and DHS Deputy Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas.

Picture:  The 28th Annual Candlelight Vigil, on the National Mall in Washington, DC

Pieture:  “It is not how these officers died that made them heroes, its is how they lived”, Vivian Eney Cross, Survivor

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