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HAPCOA Invites IACP to present at 41st Annual Training Symposium

August 28, 2014

As HAPCOA prepares for its 41st Annual National Law Enforcement Training Symposium, two meetings were held with Vincent Talucci, Executive Director and John Firman, Director Office of Research, Programs, and Professional Services of the International Association Chiefs of Police (IACP), located in Alexandria, VA.  Attending these meetings representing HAPCOA included Xavier Morales (US Secret Service), 2014 National President, Tony Chapa, Executive Director, and Andria Fata (US Secret Service/Employee Assistance Programs and HAPCOA subject matter expert).

IACP and HAPCOA have both accepted the issue of Officer Suicide as a major issue to discuss during their upcoming membership conventions.  IACP will present its course “On Officer Suicide” at its 121st International Symposium and Exposition in Orlando, FL, October 25 –28, 2014.  The IACP course description reads: “It is estimated that officer suicides are two-three times greater than the number of line-of-duty deaths annually. IACP, in partnership with the COPS Office, is taking proactive measures to ensure officer suicide is a central concern to law enforcement.”

This IACP course, with its release of the film BLUE, will be presented at the HAPCOA 41st National Training Symposium, December 2nd, as its featured course.

Also highlighting the training course offerings will be a presentation by well-known speaker and documentary filmmaker, Sgt Clarke Paris, Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department (retired after 26 years of service).  His course The Pain Behind the Badge, and will be offered on Wednesday, December 3rd.

American Military University, the Austin Police Department and others will present additional outstanding training courses during the symposium.  A fully revised training schedule will be published on our website soon.

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