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This Violence Against Law Enforcement Must End

November 23, 2016


This Violence Against Law Enforcement Must End

To deliberately target those in society who have committed their lives to public service is the most deplorable and heinous act of violence. Law enforcement officers around the world dedicate their lives to safeguarding our communities and helping others. Once they take that oath of office, they are always on call. If officers see someone in trouble when they are off-duty, they don’t turn their backs, they move to assist. We are there to assist and to help those who need it the most at all times.

To witness four officers being ambushed in the United States in a 24-hour period due to the uniform and badge they wear sickens me to my core. In this month alone, we have buried 15 U.S. officers; however, acts of violence against law enforcement are not confined to the United States. Parents, siblings, spouses, children, friends, and colleagues around the world are all having to say goodbye too soon.

This global violence against the police must end. To that end, the IACP will convene a task force to address the issue of violence against the police and to make concrete recommendations to prevent further tragedies and to help safeguard those who have made it their mission to protect others. The recommendations will include both guidance for law enforcement agencies and policy changes that can and should be adopted by the new U.S. administration and Congress. As president of the IACP, I will head up this task force, and I will be assembling a diverse group of members to join me in looking for broad solutions that can prevent further assaults against the police.

The United States will be celebrating Thanksgiving in a few short days. I ask you to join me in thanking officers for their dedication to service and appreciating the security they provide. I call upon everyone to stand up, make their voices heard, and declare their support for law enforcement. This is not a time to be divisive. This is a time for elected officials, community leaders, and citizens around the world to support the law enforcement officers who work tirelessly to make their communities and this world a safer place.

Donald W. De Lucca
IACP President

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