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Yvonne Vann

September 22, 2015

HAPCOA Family:

I am reaching out to you today to ask you to keep Yvonne Vann and her loved ones in your prayers. Yvonne has waited over four years for the trial of the alleged killer of her husband, Kenneth Vann, to begin and for justice to be served. Today that trial started marking the beginning of a several week, grueling period for Yvonne and her family. I know many of you would like to be with Yvonne in the courtroom but are not able, but please be with her in spirit and keep her and her family in your thoughts.

In the early morning hours of May 28, 2011, Sgt. Kenneth Vann was ambushed and murdered as he sat in his marked patrol car, stopped at a traffic light. Kenneth’s murder was a precursor to the now ever increasing acts of random violence directed toward those who protect and serve, he was murdered because of what he represented, he was a Law Enforcement Officer. 

My sincere appreciation goes out to each one of you who put on a uniform and put your own safety at risk to serve others and protect the greatest nation in the world, be safe. 


Don Tijerina


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