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HAPCOA U.S. Embassy Chapter Swears in 10 new members

September 8, 2015

The HAPCOA US Embassy Chapter held its regular meeting this past Tuesday, September 1st, 2015 at the Executive Salon of the Panamanian National Police, located within its Headquarters in Panama City, Panama.

This meeting was attended by 15 active members and 10 new members.  The new members included Director Luis A. Zegarro of Direccion Institucional en Asuntos de Seguridad Publica (Panama’s version of ATF), Mario Chan the Deputy Director of the Panamanian Civil Defense/Sistema Nacional de Proteccion Civil (much like FEMA), the Assistant Director of Immigration and several other senior members of the law enforcement community.  HAPCOA Chapter President Eric Moncayo, CBP Attaché, US Embassy Panama, held a ceremony where the newly recruited members were sworn-in and presented with their HAPCOA pins.  A reception sponsored by the National Police was held following the swearing-in event. 

In addition, HAPCOA Executive Director Anthony Chapa was recognized via proclamation by Director General Omar Pinzon, of the Panamanian National Police for his efforts at bringing HAPCOA to Panama and for establishing a chapter that has provided support to all law enforcement in this country.  The Panamanian National Police “Medalla al Servicio Distinguido” (Distinguished Service Medal) was presented to Executive Director Chapa by HAPCOA member Comisionado Javier Castillo, Deputy Director of the Panamanian National Police. 

Please visit the Panamanian Police twitter site for photos:

Merecido homenaje a Anthony Chapa en reunión de HAPCOA, un privilegio contar con sus aportes en Seguridad Nacional. 

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