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Law Enforcement Subject Matter Expert Needed (Chicago, IL)

March 21, 2016

Hillard Heintze is looking for Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) from a diverse background who have a collaborative and transformational mindset to contribute and provide significant expertise to a team of highly competent professionals committed to assisting law enforcement organizations identify, implement and sustain needed reforms.   The ideal candidate will have established lasting partnerships with the police and communities they served while in an executive-level position or role.  Demonstrable experience in transforming police policies, practices and procedures to promote accountability while working in diverse communities is a base requirement, as is the appropriate educational background (a graduate level degree preferred).  

While completing the online application, you will be asked “How did you hear about this position?”  Because HAPCOA is one of four associations that are preferred partner on this initiative, please select Hispanic American Police Command Officers Association and your application will receive priority review.  The following explains the opportunity: 

Police Reform – Program Overview

At Hillard Heintze, often on behalf of federal partners, we work with law enforcement agencies that may need assistance on a wide variety of issues that can negatively affect the relationship between law enforcement and the community including use-of-force practices, officer-involved shootings, racial profiling, officer misconduct, interactions with individuals with mental illness, agency transparency and external communication mechanisms. The primary focus of this work is to improve trust between agencies and the communities they serve by providing a means to organizational transformation through an analysis of policies, practices, training, tactics, and accountability methods around specific issues. 

Role of Subject Matter Experts

SMEs are vital to the success of large scale assessment and monitoring teams providing technical assistance to law enforcement organizations.  They must have the ability to understand, summarize and write comprehensive assessments and reports of findings and recommendations that will become part of interim and final public reports.  The reports will serve as roadmaps for the particular law enforcement organization and the broader law enforcement community.

General data review, collection and analysis practices will include, but not be limited to:

  • Reviewing Policies, Practices, Tactics and Training
  • Conducting Direct Observations of Department Operations
  • Conducting Direct Observations of Police/Community Interactions
  • Interviewing Key Police Command and Staff
  • Interviewing Community Stakeholders
  • Conducting Listening Sessions 

Travel and Time Commitments 

These projects are not short-term initiatives. An individual SME’s involvement in the process will vary, but will require a dedicated time commitment to accomplish the organizational reforms and transformation needed.  Travel to active sites will be required. 

Every project has distinct phases. Each SME could be assigned to work on the assessment, implementation or monitoring phase, all of which last at least six months.  Specific tasks and travel requirements will be based upon individual assignment.

Based on the approximate time to complete the phases, the following could be expected:

  • Travel for up to seven site visits should be expected per agency site, with each visit requiring up to four days 
  • Variable working hours on site to accomplish identified goals, data collection and attend meetings
  • Ability to allocate time for post-site visit reporting requirements
  • Ability to allocate time for completing interim and final reports
  • Participation in bi-weekly symposium calls up to an hour in length during the project
  • Other availability as required

Interested applicants are advised to access the Hillard Heintze Website to submit an application:

Law Enforcement Subject Matter Expert (SME) – Chicago, IL

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