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HAPCOA attends Attorney General Meeting with Law Enforcement Stakeholders

January 17, 2017

Attorney General Loretta Lynch held her final meeting with Law Enforcement Stakeholders on Thursday, January 5, 2017 to thank the partnership for its successful collaboration and the progress achieved for the work performed on the President’s Task Force on 21st Century Policing.  AG Lynch stated, “this has been a wonderful and challenging year…the work performed goes on.”  It has been a privilege to welcome Federal, State, and Local partners.  The best part of the engagement with all the partners was the candor in which everyone conveyed their position on policing and the community.  She went on to say how the partnership served her as, “Mentors, Teachers and Leaders” and how she has grown from working with the partnership.  AG Lynch touched on major progress and the stark losses throughout the year:

  • 21st Century Policing – challenging and tremendous progress.
  • She remembers speaking with the Baltimore City Police Officers in the aftermath of the riots and their candor and thoughts about the incident.
  • Officer Safety and Wellness – Recognizing the impact on Community Policing and the trauma to the Law Enforcement Community which elevated the importance of Mental Health & Wellness not only for Law Enforcement but for the Communities as well.

Ron Davis – Director of COPs commented on how it has been a privilege to working with the partnership and collaborating on so many issues.

Several of the stakeholders such as Donald DeLucca (IACP), Chuck Canterbury (FOP), J. Thomas Manger (MCCA) and Perry Tarrant (NOBLE) expressed their gratitude to AG Lynch and her staff for remaining accessible at all times, and the relationships and friendships formed while collaborating and addressing difficult issues throughout the year. 

HAPCOA 1st VP Richard Rosa and IACP President Donald DeLucca.

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