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HAPCOA National Board Elections

October 15, 2014

National Board positions up for election (re-election) include the following:

Sergeant at Arms
4th Vice President (State/County/Non-Federal Rep)

HAPCOA members, who hold regular membership and who are in good standing, may nominate a candidate (or themselves) for any of the open positions. To be qualified for election, candidates must be HAPCOA members in good standing (dues paid).  The 2014 Executive Board, per the HAPCOA bylaws (Section 4.A.) has named Don Tijerina, HAPCOA 1st VP, as the Election Chairman.   

To be considered for office, candidates should be available to attend quarterly executive board meetings or tele-symposiums and be available to attend occasional special functions or meetings. Interested HAPCOA members who would like to serve on the Board of Directors should attend the HAPCOA General Meeting to be held on Tuesday (4pm), December 2nd, 2014 and be placed in nomination before the membership.  An election will follow.  Only regular members in good standing will be eligible to vote during this election.  The candidate with a majority of votes will be named to the open position.

Position requirements are as follows: 

4th Vice President.

This officer will be elected to office yearly by voting members of the Association and will then ascend yearly to the next Vice President positions until the officer reaches the office of President. Upon completion of the Presidential term, the officer will assume the position of Immediate Past President. So that all levels of government are represented in the Association and all membership are given an equal opportunity to seek a Board officer position, the 4th Vice President Officer will be nominated and elected, in alternate years, from Association members who are employed by:

  • a federal agency, grade GS-14 or above,
  • a state, county, municipal, university law enforcement agency, a private police organization or a law enforcement agency of a political sub-division of a state, as a rank of Lieutenant or above.

Secretary, Treasurer and Sergeant-at-Arms.

These Officers will be elected by the voting members of the Association for a two (2) year term. Nominations for these officers shall be made at the annual Association meeting held during even numbered calendar years.  These officers are from the ranks for our Regular Membership.

Regular members are as follow:  Full-time certified peace officers of a municipal, county, state or federal agency, certified peace officer of a university or other private police organization or peace officer of a political sub-division of a state who hold the rank of command supervisor, Sergeant, Lieutenant, Federal Criminal Investigator’s GS-13 or above, Inspector or its equivalent whose Association membership has been approved who remain in good standing having paid the necessary Association dues and fees, are deemed regular members of the Association and are thereby entitled to all rights and privileges of a regular member, specifically the right to vote. The National Board has recognized retired law enforcement officers, in good standing, for regular membership.

Swearing in of 2015 HAPCOA National Board will take place on Thursday, December 4th from 4pm to 6pm. 

The first meeting of the 2015 HAPCOA National Board will occur on Friday morning, December 5th in San Antonio, TX.

Past HAPCOA National Presidents.

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