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Safeguarding the Community

March 10, 2020

Local police departments have to closely work with the communities they serve and protect. In the light of the dramatic increase of pre-planned attacks on law enforcement agents in recent months, safety equipment has become a vital necessity for officers.

Law enforcement is a big part of the community and people need to come together to give back to the police officers whose lives are on the line every day. As more people become increasingly aware of the difficulties experienced by local law enforcement agencies across the country, it is important to understand the ways community safety is adversely impacted by a lack of support for the men and women in blue. Residents of some neighborhoods are not only unsupportive of local officers but are even hostile toward them.

However, the bigger problem is the lack of funds on a state and national level. Many police departments are unable to provide their officers with up-to-date training or supply them with needed safety equipment. Others find themselves making due with body armor, which no longer comes close to meeting their requirements. In trying to find a suitable solution to address these issues, local communities are forming nonprofits to work in unity with other charitable organizations for the benefit of law enforcement departments across the country.

This is why initiatives undertaken by HAPCOA, the Hispanic American Police Command Officers Association, are so important for educating the community and increasing law enforcement morale. In addition to providing police departments with the advanced training many so sorely need, it educates them on the advanced body armour available to protect officers. One of the main areas of focus of the organization is in bringing communities together. It’s a win-win proposition as communities need to be united in their support for police officers.

Through the years, police departments across the country have been faced with escalating adversity. Early on in 2016, the number of firearm assaults on police officers rose a staggering 300% in comparison to the previous year. Outdated technology and body armor with insufficient protection that no longer does the job only adds to law enforcement’s burdens. Furthermore, training and equipment budgets have plummeted, affecting the physical and mental advantages on which members of law enforcement depend. Such departmental deficiencies leave the police hard-pressed to deal with ever-increasing levels of violence in ways that are the least damaging to everyone concerned.

In keeping with HAPCOA’s dedication to meeting the challenges of selection, promotion and retention of Hispanic American men and women in professional law enforcement and the criminal justice system, SafeGuard’s armor addresses the concerns of their communities through the implementation of innovative, state-of-the art body armour. 

The range of body armour are characterized by optimum ventilation, and offer maximum protection in extreme weather conditions – something that greatly benefits law enforcement agents who need to patrol the streets for hours at a time. Using cutting edge technology, SafeGuard has engineered a line of vests to offer comfort and security that fits the specific needs of the law enforcement community. 

Acknowledging the importance of the right body armor for the safety of police officers is the first step towards better safeguarding of the community. 

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