HAPCOA attends U.S. Capitol Police Diversity Panel

(Washington DC) On September 18, 2018, the United States Capitol Police’s Office of Inclusion, Diversity, Equity and Action (IDEA) held a Diversity Speaker's panel at the Capitol Police Headquarters.  The goal of the panel was to share their experiences as managers and as individuals who have influenced leadership. The panel provided information on how they managed their careers, personally invested in resources for skill development (e.g., trainings, books, videos, etc.), managed difficult workplace situations, as well as provided anecdotal advice and strategies to Capitol Police employees, which included the chief of police and his command staff.

Chief Diversity Officer, Natalie Holder moderated the event and asked a series of questions of panel members in order to create a conversation centered around diversity and inclusion.  Joe Perez, President of the National Capitol Region chapter of HAPCOA served on the panel.  Also participating on the panel were Lashinda Stair, First Assistant Chief of Police

Detroit Police Department, Eric Robins, Chief Sugarland, TX Police Department, William (“Blair”) Anderson, Chief of Police St. Cloud, MN Police Department, Dr. Timothy Trainer, President

Mount St. Mary’s University, Valerie Cofield, Deputy Assistant Director, Office of the Chief Information Officer, Federal Bureau of Investigation, Cathleen English, Director

Training Services Bureau, US Capitol Police and Major Philip P. Tou, Police Services Bureau Commander University of Maryland- College Park.


HAPCOA Assists with the US Attorney General’s 2nd Annual National Awards Program for Distinguished Service in Policing

(Washington, DC) HAPCOA National President Richard Rosa and HAPCOA NCR Chapter President Joe Perez attended the award ceremony on Wednesday, September 18th.  The event was held at the Department of Justice (DOJ) where Attorney General Jeff Sessions, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein and Phil Keith, Director of the Office of Community Oriented Policing Service (COPS) recognized and honored twenty-five officers and deputies, for their extraordinary actions and outstanding contribution to law enforcement in the following areas:  Innovations in Community Policing, Criminal Investigations and Field Operations.

Background:  Several months ago, HAPCOA was asked by DOJ/COPS to assist, 21 law enforcement organizations and associations, with the evaluation of nominee packets received from individual State, Local, and Tribal law enforcement departments.  HAPCOA National Board members – 1st VP Teresa Ramon, 2nd VP Steve Noquera, 4th VP Ivan Acosta and I successfully evaluated at least two hundred packets in just over a two-week period.

U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions

U.S. Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein

Chief J. Thomas Manger (Montgomery County, MD

HAPCOA NCR Chapter President Joe Perez
HAPCOA National President Richard Rosa


LAPD Officers recognized by AG Jeff Sessions for their outstanding efforts in improving the quality of life for the residents and businesses in MacArthur Park.

(Excerpt from DOJ program narrative)

The Los Angeles Police Department’s Rampart Area Special Problems Unit (SPU), MacArthur Park Task Force (MPTF) was formed in September 2017 to help restore order to the community around MacArthur Park using a full-spectrum approach by directing constant law enforcement to the area in and around MacArthur Park.  This is a coordinated effort using all available law enforcement and community-based resources to combat crime and quality of life issues in the area.

Recognized LAPD Officers included: Jose Arriaga, Ruben Avalos, Carlos Escobar, Randy Jreisat, Arthur Meza, Ashley Mitchell, David Nick, Jr., Adrian Nunez, Christina Salas and Solly Samara.

HAPCOA extends its congratulations to these fine LAPD officers for being proactive and helping to restore the MacArthur Park community to its residents by reducing crime, providing resources to the homeless and getting treatment for drug addicts.


HAPCOA attends the 45th Annual NLPOA Training and Development Conference in Broomfield, CO

(Broomfield, CO)  HAPCOA National President Richard Rosa and HAPCOA member, Juan Riberas, attended the 45th Annual National Latino Peace Officers Association (NLPOA) Training and Development Conference held in Broomfield, Colorado from September 4th – 8th

The event was hosted by the Denver Chapter of NLPOA.  Several chapters from around the country were present: NY, NJ, MN, FL, AZ, NV, CA, KS, DE, TX, and CO.  We were well received by the National Board and the membership.  I had the opportunity to meet many fine officers and network with current National Board members, including board members of several chapters.  During our conversations, there was a recurrent theme raised concerning the lack of promotional opportunities, especially in the upper ranks. 

There was a genuine interest from some of the chapter members who are considering attending the 45th Annual HAPCOA Training Symposium in Baltimore, MD in April 2019.  Elections were also held during this conference.  National President Cindy Rodriguez won re-election for another two-year term through acclamation.  She was truly honored and humbled by the vote of confidence received and her ability to continue to represent NLPOA’s best interests.  

HAPCOA and NLPOA has developed and fostered a relationship of mutual interest for many years.  We continue to make our presence known in the communities we serve and protect.  We must continue to remain resolute, to forge ahead, not deviate nor look back, but steadfast in our resolve and trajectory in our efforts to break the glass ceiling.       

Right to Left:
Juan Riberas (HAPCOA - member)
Roy Garivey (NLPOA – VP)
Pedro Lopez, Jr. (Asst. Chief, HPD)
Richard Rosa (HAPCOA – Nat’l Pres.)

Cindy Rodriguez (NLPOA – National President)
Richard Rosa (HAPCOA – National President)


HAPCOA Member Named STAR OF TEXAS Award Recipient

(Austin) On September 11, 2018 at the Capital in the Great State of Texas, former HAPCOA National President & Trinity University Police Chief Paul J. Chapa joined Selma Texas Police Lieutenant Jesse Balderamas and Texas Senator Donna Campbell during the Star of Texas Award Ceremony. In 2013 Lieutenant Balderamas was shot in the line of duty along with his partner when they responded to a domestic violence call. Lt. Jesse Balderamas was able to return fire and incapacitate the shooter and hold at bay until other units arrived. Lieutenant Balderamas was one of this years Star of Texas Award recipients. 

Jesse is also a recipient of the HAPCOA 2013 Medal of Valor award. 

Receiving the STAR OF TEXAS Award is Selma TX Police Lt Jesse Balderamas, supported by TX State Senator Donna Campbell and Trinity University Chief of Police Paul Chapa.

Hispanic American Police Command Officers Associates (HAPCOA) honors the 17th Anniversary of September 11th

(Washington, DC) HAPCOA honors the memories of all the fallen law enforcement officers, firefighters and innocent victims that perished in the unprovoked terrorist attack against the United States in New York, Pennsylvania and Washington, DC. seventeen years ago, on September 11, 2001.

HAPCOA also acknowledges and thanks the dedicated Public Safety Officers who selflessly volunteered to worked countless hours, days and weeks at the disaster recovery sites; many of whom did not want to leave in the hopes of finding more survivors.  Their fortitude and resilience speak highly of the professionalism demonstrated and the instant bond that was forged with others, as a result of their common resolve.  This shared experienced formed a camaraderie; which today, has developed into lifelong relationships.  Sadly, it has also caused survivors, families of the victims, Public Safety Officers and their families to contend with survivors’ guilt, PTSD, and a whole host of medical related issues in the aftermath of the terrorist attacks on September 11th.

The events of 9/11 serve as a powerful motivator and reminder that Americans of all walks of life can and will unite during period of crises.  We honor the families of the fallen heroes and all Public Safety Officers committed to the safety of our communities and our way of life.


HAPCOA, the Hispanic American Police Command Officers Association, established in 1973, is the oldest and largest association in the U.S. of Hispanic American command officers from law enforcement and criminal justice agencies at the municipal, county, state and federal levels. With members in hundreds of agencies across the United States and Puerto Rico, many of whom are active in local chapters, HAPCOA is a national organization with a local presence.

HAPCOA's mission is to "empower the future of law enforcement" by assisting law enforcement, criminal justice and community organizations nationwide in their efforts to recruit, train and promote qualified Hispanic American men and women.

For more information visit:  http://www.hapcoa.org


Richard Rosa

National President



HAPCOA Joins IACP Trust Advisory Board

(Washington DC)  IACP President Chief Louis M. Dekmar (La Grange, Georgia) invited HAPCOA’s Executive Director Anthony Chapa to join the IACP Trust Advisory Board.  On Monday, September 10, 2018 the Trust Advisory Board held a meeting to provide its board with an update regarding its recent efforts.

Over the past several months the IACP Trust Advisory Board sponsored ‘Listening Sessions’ which were held in:  Albany, NY; Ferguson, MO; Sacramento, CA; and Fort Morgan, CO.  Reportedly 30-40 individuals participated in each listening session.  Participation included: youth; faith community; social services/non-profit providers; business leaders; educators; civil rights groups; community activists; and members of the community at large.

The central themes indentified by those in attendance included:

  • Transparency
  • Communications
  • Accountability

Recommendations received as a result of these listening sessions included the following themes:

Hiring and Recruitment (Education levels)
Training (Crisis Intervention, Cultural Diversity & Civil Rights & Race Relations)
Diversity (Hiring Programs, Outreach to local Colleges, Community outreach)
Communications (Use of Social Media to provide updates to the community)
Technology (Positive use of Body Cams and new Apps)
Community Outreach (Citizens Police Academy’s & Community events)
Youth Outreach & School Resource Officers
Employee Wellness/Mental Health/Trauma

Follow-up will include the issuance of a Trust Advisory Board final report during the 125th Annual IACP Conference in Orlando, FL, October 6-9, 2018. 



Pictured are HAPCOA National President Rich Rosa, IACP President Chief Louis DeKmar and HAPCOA Executive Director Tony Chapa.


HAPCOA Member Leads 1st Annual International K-9 Congress

(Panama) The Panamanian National Police held its first annual International K9 Congress on Monday, August 13, 2018 at his facilities in Panama City, Panama.

Organizing the event was HAPCOA Panama Chapter member Police Major Mario Chan Duran.  Major Chan serves as the Chief of the Panamanian National Police K9 Division.

The event was co-hosted by the AIFCA-K9 Association (Asociation Intenacional de Formacion y Capacitacion de Adiestradores de Perros), which is based in Mexico.  Also attending were representatives from K9 Police and Rescue (Red Cross) units based in Argentina, Ecuador, Costa Rica and Mexico.  K9 Units from Panama’s Border Patrol (SENAFRONT), Executive Protection Service (SPI), Air/Naval Service (SENAN), National Police Service and the Ministry of Agricultural Development attended this weeklong training event.

The Deputy Director of the Panamanian National Police Jacinto Gomez opened the event and also dedicated the K9 training area in the name of a fallen Panamanian Police Officer.  HAPCOA Executive Director Anthony Chapa was invited to attend the event and assisted with the dedication ceremony.  Also attending and supporting the event was HAPCOA Panama Chapter Sgt at Arms Esteban Blis (who also serves as an Advisor to the Ministry of National Security).  HAPCOA Panama Chapter member, Ovidio Fuentes, Director of the DIASP (ATF equivalent) attended the closing ceremony for this historic event.


Panamanian Police Major Mario Chan, Chief of the K9 Unit, opens the training event before invited guests and international VIPS.

AIFCA K9 Director and Panamanian National Police Deputy Director Gomez cut the ribbon that dedicates the training facility in the name of a fallen officer.  HAPCOA Executive Director Chapa is invited to support the event.

Panamanian National Police K9 Unit


HAPCOA Member Leads Texas School District Police Chiefs Association

(Corpus Christi)  HAPCOA’s 2nd National Vice President Chief Teresa Ramon also serves as the elected President of the Texas School District Police Chiefs Association (http://texasisdchiefs.com/ ). The TXSDPCA held its 21st Annual Conference at the Omni Hotel in Corpus Christi, TX July 30 – August 2, 2018.

Chief Teresa Ramon serves as the Chief of Police of the Judson Independent School District Police Department.  Former National President of HAPCOA Chief Paul Chapa of the Trinity University Police Department attended the TXSDPCA Conference in support of Chief Ramon’s annual conference.  Presenting at this years conference was HAPCOA member Joe Munoz of the Texas School Safety Center.

Through Chief Ramon’s leadership, she is bringing the school district policing profession in Texas to the forefront of executive leadership. Her commitment to addressing school safety issues and challenges is to be commended.

Chief Ramon addresses the TXSDPCA Conference


HAPCOA attends the 2018 NOBLE Training Conference in Ft. Lauderdale, FL

(Ft. Lauderdale) HAPCOA National President Richard Rosa attended the opening plenary session on Monday, July 30th for the 42th Annual National Organization of Black Law Enforcement Executives (NOBLE) training conference and exhibition.  NOBLE’s conference theme:  A NOBLE Focus on Collaboration and Unity.  This year’s keynote speaker was Robert E. Perez Deputy Commissioner – U.S. Customs Border and Border Protection (CBP). At the opening session there were 50+ VIPs from all levels of government on the dais and approximately 500 people in attendance. HAPCOA continues to have a longstanding and positive relationship with NOBLE which has been in existence for many decades.  Throughout the years, both organizations have supported and collaborated with each other on issues of mutual interest. 

Clarence E. Cox III (National President – NOBLE) and Richard Rosa (National President - HAPCOA


HAPCOA Member Promoted to Assistant Chief – LAPD

(Los Angeles)  Los Angeles Police Chief Michel Moore promoted HAPCOA member Robert N. Arcos, to the position of Assistant Chief of Police of the Los Angeles Police Patrol Operations.  Chief Arcos, who was a finalist for the position of Chief, previously served as Deputy Chief of the LAPD’s Central Bureau. 

Assistant Chief Arcos joins HAPCOA member and LAPD Assistant Chief Jorge Villegas (who leads the Administrative Services, which includes training, recruitment, personnel and fiscal operations).  With the appointment of Arcos, along with Assistant Chief Beatrice Girmala, the LAPD now has two Latinos (Arcos & Villegas) and one woman serving as Assistant Chiefs of Police – increasing diversity at its highest levels.

The Los Angeles Police Department is the third largest Police Force in the United States.

Assistant Chief Arcos was born in San Antonio, TX and he was raised in Los Angeles.  He is a four-year veteran of the US Army.  He earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Criminal Justice from Union University and a Masters Degree in Organizational Leadership from Woodbury University.  He has served with the Los Angeles Police Department since 1988.

Assistant Chief Robert Arcos